Christmas Reindeer Crafts

reindeerrudolphRudolf and the rest of Santa’s reindeer are here to help you celebrate Christmas.

You’ll find printable reindeer crafts, cards and coloring pages, plus reindeer theme school activities and lots of ideas for reindeer decorations. Each reindeer craft is illustrated and includes detailed how-to instructions.

Paper Reindeer Crafts

Paper Bag Reindeer
Use a printable template or draw your own reindeer body parts, then glue to a paper bag to make a reindeer puppet.

Paper Reindeer Antlers
Make yourself a pair of reindeer antlers using a free printable template and construction paper.

Pin the Nose on the Reindeer
Printable reindeer game for kids.

Reindeer Art Picture
Trace a child’s footprints and hand prints, cut out, then glue on construction paper to make this easy reindeer art picture craft.

Reindeer Coloring Pages
A variety of reindeer coloring pages for children from DLTK.

Reindeer Handprint Puppet
Trace around your hands to make antlers for this paper bag reindeer puppet.

Reindeer Mazes
Three reindeer mazes for kids to print and play.

Clothespin Reindeer Crafts

Clothespin Reindeer
This reindeer craft works with either spring type clothespins or the old-fashioned kind.

Hanging Clothespin Reindeer
Another version of the clothespin reindeer made to hang on the tree or on the fridge.

Clothespeg Reindeer
A clothespin reindeer project to be used as a classroom lesson for younger students, using only two clothespins per reindeer. (Popups on this site)

Craft Stick Reindeer

Craft Stick Reindeer
Adorn a craft stick with brown paint, corrugated cardboard antlers and dimensional paint eyes to make this reindeer, which is suitable for use as a gift tag, tree trim or plant poke.

Red-Nosed Reindeer
Add plastic goggle eyes and a red pompom nose to a craft stick for this easy red-nosed reindeer craft.

Santa’s Reindeer
Glue three craft sticks into a triangle and add chenille stem antlers in this inexpensive reindeer craft. (PDF file to download and print)

Reindeer Recipes

Quick Buck Cake
Use an animal crackers cake pan to bake a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer holiday cake.

Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies
Top gingerbread reindeer cookies with mini pretzel antlers.

Smoked Sausage Reindeer
Smoked sausage reindeer appetizers graze at a trough of mustard mayo dip on top of a field of french bread.

Miscellaneous Reindeer Crafts

Beaded Reindeer Ornament
Unique enough to be a gift in itself, this gold beaded reindeer needs a lot of hot glue and is suggested only for older teens or adults.

Four Tree Branch Reindeer
Four reindeer decorations to make from tree branches and twigs; suitable for displaying outdoors or inside.
Reindeer Shadow Play
How to use your hands to cast a reindeer shaped shadow on the wall.

Wooden Spoon Reindeer
An easy wooden spoon reindeer. Note – although directions say to paint the wooden spoon black, I think they mean brown.

Milk Carton Reindeer
Make a milk carton reindeer tote to bring home school party treats.

Reindeer at Amazon

Jolee’s By You – Reindeer

Jolee’s By You line of coordinating 3-D embellishments is perfect for scrapbooks, cards, decorating gift boxes, shadow boxes and more!

Keepsake Kit Handmade Pages
– Reindeer Games

12”X 12′ two-page layout keepsake kits with embellishments such as fibers, buttons, cork, eyelets, die-cuts and vellum overlays. Just add photos and journaling.

Clay Pot or Terra Cotta Reindeer

Clay Pot Reindeer
Instructions from Michaels to make a clay pot reindeer and clay pot snowman.

Plant Pot Reindeer
Recycle a clay or plastic plant pot to make a cute reindeer craft.

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