Pine Cone Turkey Crafts

pine cone turkey

Pine Cone Turkey

While there are many kinds of Thanksgiving Pine Cone Turkeysout there, I’m partial to this one, which is constructed from a pine cone, colored feathers and some small pieces cut from craft foam for the facial features. A free printable pattern for the face shapes is included on the page.

From Enchanted Learning is a similar Pine Cone and Acorn Turkey Craft. If you have access to acorns, these will make a great turkey face; the rest of the bird is easily done with construction paper tail feathers and a pair of googly eyes.

amazing moms turkey

Amazing Moms Turkey Craft

Over at Amazing Moms is this Pinecone Thanksgiving Turkey, with directions make a colorful pine cone turkey from gathered pine cones, tissue paper and construction paper or card stock.

fall leaf turkey

Fall Leaf Turkey

I love DLTK’s Fall Leaf Turkey, shown below, using fall leaves for the turkey tail, and a small pine cone for the body.

Let the kids gather these on a nature hike before you sit down for crafting time; they will love the finished turkey project all the more by supplying their own materials.

Pine Cone Turkeys

Naturally Educational Pine Cone Turkey Duo

Finally, check out this Pair of Pine Cone Turkeys, from

This nature craft, by children’s writer and educational consultant Candace Lindemann, also uses leaves (either pressed or fresh) as the turkey tail and, as you can see, the critters will stand up on their own on a base of felt feet.

So there you have it: five options for the kids to make their own pine cone turkeys for Thanksgiving, with a choice of add-on materials.

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