How to Make an Easter Bonnet

Scrap Bag Bonnet from MakingFriends

Are you heading to the Easter parade or having an Easter party?

Here’s how to make an Easter bonnet from paper plates or bowls, newspaper, cereal boxes and other recycled materials, or find an Easter bonnet pattern to knit, sew or crochet.

Easter Bonnets to Make from Paper or Card

How to make a variety of Easter bonnets from paper, card stock, paper plates and bowls, and even a cereal box!

Cereal Bowl Bonnet
Step by step photos show how to recycle a cereal box into a stylish Easter parade hat.

Colored Card Hat
Colored card makes the base of this simple hat design; embellish with tissue paper for Easter.

Crepe Paper Easter Bonnet
Cover a hat that you make from cardstock with yellow crepe paper and decorate how you please.

Easter Bunny Hat
Follow the pattern to make a unique bunny hat from colored card.

Flower Crown
A paper plate spring or Easter hat from Enchanted Learning.

Flowered Easter Bonnet
Pretty as you please flowered hat is made with ivory paper, and printable flower templates.

Newspaper Easter Hats
Suggestions for teachers on how to decorate newspaper hats for Easter.

Paper Bowl Easter Bonnet
Dress up a paper bowl to make an Easter visor or brimmed bunny ears hat.

Paper Plate Easter Bonnet
Use two paper plates, construction paper and printable bunny templates to decorate this bonnet.

Poster Board Easter Bonnet
Make a donut shaped brim from posterboard then add your own Easter trims.

Straw Hat Easter Bonnets

Straw Hat Easter Bonnet
Spring flowers and pastel eggs decorate this Easter bonnet from Holiday Crafter.

Reeses Easter Bonnet
Simply add Reeses miniature Easter eggs to a straw hat and finish with a bow to make this wall hanging or centerpiece.

Scrap Bag Straw Hat Centerpiece
Give the kids a straw hat and let them go to town with your leftover beads and silk flowers.

Floral Centerpiece
How to adorn an Easter bonnet with marshmallow chicks and other Easter delights to make a wall or table decoration.

Miscellaneous Easter Bonnets

VictErabbit (7K)Crocheted Easter Bonnet
Free PDF pattern to crochet a lovely spring hat featuring a crocheted flower.

Lacy Easter Bonnet
An Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it? Here’s a lacy bonnet to sew for a special baby.

According to Wikipedia:
Modern Easter bonnets for children are usually white wide brimmed hats with a pastel colored satin ribbon around it and tied in a bow. It may also have flowers or other springtime motifs on top, and may match a special dress picked out for the occasion.

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