Paper and Printable Hearts

Victorian cupid

Victorian Cupid

Paper Hearts

Paper hearts and printable valentines for Valentine’s Day, including heart-shaped candy holders, paper heart shaped baskets, heart-shaped Valentines and self-mailing Valentines.

paper heartsBasic Hearts
How to cut a heart shape or string of hearts from paper.

Homemade Valentine Cards
Four homemade Valentine’s Day cards, each with a heart theme.

Valentine’s Day Cards
From plain paper to Valentine’s card in easy steps, including a pop-up heart card, heart with arrow card, and flower card.

Mosaic Valentine Heart
Here’s a heart motif craft project that can be as easy or as complex as you want; suitable for all ages.

Paper Mache Hearts
Cover heart-shaped balloons with paper mache to make a unique Valentine for your sweetheart.

balval (4K)
Expression of Love Card
Michaels offers instructions on how to make a heartfelt expression of love card, with hearts, hearts and more hearts.

Transparent Heart Shaped Candy Holder
Cut two heart shapes, one from paper, the other from clear acetate, then sew them together with yarn to make this Valentine craft.

Valentine Heart Animals
Cut heart shapes in different colors of construction paper, then glue them together to make paper butterflies, mice, fish, cats or more.

Valentine Heart Crown
Make a special crown for Valentine’s Day from a paper plate and construction paper hearts.

Woven Heart Basket
Traditional woven heart basket to make from paper or felt.

Printable Valentines

Heart Valentines
16 heart valentines printable on one page, plus a mini Valentines activity book, Valentine coupons and bookmarks.

Paper Valentine Dolls
Adorable paper Valentine dolls to cut out and dress up.

Horse Valentines
Nine horse theme Valentines to print on one page for the equine lovers in your life.

Valentines to Color
Two pages of assorted Valentines to print and color then give to your friends.

Self Mailing Valentines
Absolutely adorable collection of self-mailing valentines in a free downloadable PDF file.

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