Snowflake Crafts

snowflakePaper snowflakes on the windows, glittering miniature snowflakes hanging from tree, and three dimensional beaded snowflakes, made by the kids, hanging from the ceiling…whether you celebrate Christmas in the north Pole, or southern climes, snowflakes can capture your imagination and embody the spirit of Christmas.

Here is a bountiful variety of snowflakes for you and the kids to make from a variety of common materials. You’ll find a photo or illustration on each page, along with free instructions to make that craft.

Paper Snowflake Crafts

Coffee Filter Snowflakes
Use food coloring to achieve a tie dyed effect on these coffee filter snowflakes.

Snowflake Bookmark
You will need colored card stock, and two sizes of paper snowflake punches to make these snowflake bookmarks from Craftideas.

Paper Snowflake
Step-by-step instructions on how to fold a paper circle and cut out a paper snowflake.

Paper Snowflake Instructions
Detailed photos take you through each fold and cut to make a square of paper into a 6-point paper snowflake.

8 Point Snowflake
Photos and instructions to make an 8-point paper snowflake.

Snowflake Crafts for Kids

Q-Tip Snowflakes
A snowflake craft for groups or art lessons – all you need is cotton swabs and glue.

Crystal Snowflake
Suspend a chenille stem and string snowflake in a jar of borax and water solution to make a genuine crystal snowflake shape.

Snowflake Christmas Card
How to make a paper snowflake and use it to decorate a construction paper greeting card for Christmas.

Craft Foam Smiley Snowflake
Use a printable template to make this craft fun foam smiley snowflake craft.

Glistening Snowflake Ornaments
Older children will enjoy painting styrofoam balls in gold or silver, then making chenille stem “staples” to attach glistening chenille stems in a snowflake design.

Pasta Snowflakes
Pasta wagon wheels and bow ties take on a whole new dimension when kids glue them together in snowflake shapes.

Twine or Cotton Snowflake
Soak twine or crochet cotton in glue and form into snowflake shapes with this free craft pattern.

Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns

Bedspread Cotton Snowflake
Crochet a sweet snowflake ornament from bedspread weight crochet cotton.

Pretty Crochet Snowflake Pattern
Pretty snowflake is fun and easy to crochet; great for hanging on the tree or using as a gift topper.

Mini Crocheted Snowflake
Free pattern to crochet a mini snowflake ornament.

How to Make Yarn Snowflakes
Mix and match instructions for easy crocheted snowflakes, with photos of several variations.

The Incredibly Versatile Giant Snowflake
Wear this cuddly snowflake as a capelet, scarf, wrap or shrug.

Snowflake Afghan
Learn how to crochet a gorgeous snowflake afghan.

Glitter Snowflake Coaster
Work this crochet pattern in Caron’s Christmas Glitter yarn.

Miscellaneous Christmas Snowflakes

Clay Snowflake
Roll out a small ball of clay and punch holes in it to make this snowflake. Let dry and paint.

Make a Snowflake Pattern
A simple online snowflake pattern generator; there are instructions on how to save and print the web page if you wish to keep your design.

Snowflake Table Runner
Let the kids have fun with re-positionable glue, changing the snowflake shapes on a felt runner until the look is just perfect!

Wheat Weaving Snowflake
A beginner’s wheat weaving project to make from six straws of wheat.

Snowflakes at Amazon

Snowflakes for All Seasons

Almost everyone has probably folded paper and cut snips to form a snowflake pattern. With this book, copy one of 72 stencils, cut it out and make a colored paper snowflake for any holiday. Try an hourglass snowflake for New Years, or hearts, arrows, cupids, and lips for Valentines, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, bunnies, lilies and baby chicks for Easter, Liberty Bells, and stars for the Fourth of July, pumpkins, black cats, owls, and ghosts for Halloween, Christmas bells and snowmen for Christmas, as well as teddy bears, dogs, cats, butterflies and more. Fun, creative craft book for children and adults; highly recommended.

Free Knitted Snowflake Patterns

Snowflake Design Hat
Follow the chart to knit this hat with a snowflake motif.

Snowflake Sweater
Advanced knitters will enjoy knitting this crew-neck ladies sweater worked from a snowflake graph.

Snowflake Preemie Hat and Socks
Free knitting pattern for preemie sized snowflake patterned hat and socks.

Snowflake Star
Knit some six-pointed stars to trim your Christmas tree in simple stockinette stitch.

Snowflake Headband/Ear Warmer Knitting Pattern
Glow-in-the-dark fibers for the snowflake give this warm knitted, two-layer headband pattern an interesting twist.

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