Tree Branch Reindeer Crafts

Birch Branch Reindeer

Birch Branch Reindeer

Birch Branch Reindeer

My sister-in-law loves going for nature walks, especially in woods near her home, which are full of beautiful birch trees. She made these Birch Branch Reindeer decorations from branches that had recently fallen in a wind storm.

Although children would no doubt enjoy making these, they will need help because holes must be drilled for the legs and neck pieces, and the branches will need to be cut to size. This is a wonderful nature project for adults to do with their children, though, don’t you think?

tree branch reindeer

Tree Branch Reindeer

Tree Branch Reindeer has had this project to make Tree Branch Reindeers posted for quite a while. But I thought it was worth a reminder because there are detailed construction and assembly instructions to follow, including a link to another page showing how to make the shiny antlers out of copper wire.

Glowing Nose Branch Reinder

Branch Reindeer with a Glowing Nose

Instructables Tree Branch Reindeer

Instructables has short project directions to make this simple tree branch reindeer. The glowing nose is made by attaching a cheap LED key chain with a red glowing light.

City TV Birch Branch Reindeer

Birch Branch Reindeer - CityTV

CityTV Birch Branch Reindeer

CityTV showed viewers how to make this pair of Birch Branch Reindeer, and the DIY directions are posted online. Diagrams meant to accompany the project seem to be missing, but I think most people who have some basic woodworking skills should be able to reproduce this craft with little trouble.

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