Snowman Crafts, Activities and Projects

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Snowman crafts and activities to help you celebrate winter and decorate for the Christmas holidays.

Each of these hand-selected snowman projects has detailed instructions, plus a photo or illustration so you can see how your finished craft project will look.

Paper Snowman Crafts

Dress Up Snowman Activities
Paper snowman and assorted clothes to print, cut out, and assemble into nine different combination outfits. A wonderful Christmas art activity for the classroom. (Unfortunately, many popups on this site)

Snowman Paper Dolls
Children can color a scarf, tie, vest, mitts and hat, then cut and paste them to dress a paper snowman doll for winter.

Toilet Paper Snowmen
A Christmas art activity for teachers and groups. Just print out DLTK’s snowman template to make ready-to-decorate toilet paper snowmen, then deck them all out with egg carton hats. (Popups on this site)

Printable Paper Snowman Model
A three-dimensional snowman model to print on one page, cut out and assemble.

Paper Plate Snowman
No photo, but detailed illustrations from Enchanted Learning to show kids just how to make a paper plate snowman decoration for your wall or door.

Paper Mache Snowman
Detailed photos show you how to make a paper mache snowman using balloons as the base and newspaper paper mache.

Clothespin Snowmen Crafts

Christmas Card Snowman Clips
Turn spring clothespins in to snowman clips to hold your Christmas cards.

Friendly Snowman
Exiting Scout Crafts offers instructions on how to make a friendly snowman from fun foam, a clothespin and two pony beads.

Clothes Peg Snowman
A clothespin snowman by another name – but simple instructions and a good photo will help you transform a clothespin into a snowman tree ornament.

Willy Melt and Betty Won’t Snow People
A matching snow couple to make from clothespins.

Light Bulb Snowman Crafts

Lightbulb Snowman
Simple painting directions and a nice photo to help you make a snowman from a recycled lightbulb.

Lightbulb Snowman Ornaments
Dress a painted lightbulb snowman with a warm hat, muff and scarf to make this Christmas tree ornament.

Frosty the Lightbulb
Glue together a styrofoam ball and an old lightbulb; paint with homemade white sand paint or snow paint, then decorate as a snowman.

Glitter Snowman Bulb
A free snowman lightbulb craft from the team at Nicolecrafts.

Snowman Bulb
Painted snowman face lightbulb from Craft at Home.

Terra Cotta Snow People

Terra Cotta Snow People
A wooden ball and a terra cotta pot are the base materials for snow people by Family Crafts guide, Sherri Osborn.

Clay Pot Snow People
Dress this clay pot snowman and snow woman in warm hats made from a child’s sock.

Clay Pot Snowman
Black pony beads are used as buttons in a black-and-white themed clay pot snowman from

Clay Pot Winter Friends
Ice blue hats, scarves and muffs are the winter accesories for a stylish pair of clay pot snowmen by Amanda Formaro.

Snowman in a Pot Candleholder
Inexpensive snowman candle holder is made from styrofoam balls, plus a terra cotta pot and saucer.

Miscellaneous Snowman Crafts

Recycled CD Snowman
Recycle a CD and a juice can lid to make this snowman decoration.

Baby Food Jar Snowman
Decoupage a baby food jar with white tissue paper and decorate as a snowman candle holder or candy jar. Several reader photos are available of the completed snowman jars.

Bread Board Snowman
Whimsical snowman to make from a wooden bread board, from the folks at Nicolecrafts.

Coffee Creamer Snowman
A Carnation coffee creamer container is the perfect shape to make a decorative table top snowman. You can also fill this snowman with Christmas candies, hot chocolate or other jar mix recipes.

Coffee Jar Snowman
Wrap coffee jars in white batting to make these glass jar snowmen.

Cosmetic Cotton Circle Snowman
A bag of cotton cosmetic remover circles will provide hours of creative opportunity for children to make a variety of cute snowman faces. Add a magnet to make a snowman fridgie.

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft
A snowman craft for the younger set – have the children draw a snowman by tracing three circles on construction paper. Fill in the body by gluing on cotton balls.

Mr and Mrs Mitten Snowman
Turn infant mittens into adorable snow folk.

Sock Snowman
An easy snowman project that looks great – just fill a white sock with rice, tie into sections and decorate! There are two photos of sock snowman completed by readers.

Washcloth Snowman
Washcloth snowmen are so easy to make, you can whip up a crowd of these decorative snowmen in short order.

Snowmen at Amazon

Snowman/Friends Stocking Felt Applique Kit

Beaded, festive sparkling applique snowman kit includes screen-printed acrylic felt, 6-strand cotton floss, felt backing, beads, sequins, needle, graph and instructions.

Finished Size: 10.25 x 16.5 (26,0 x 41,9 cm)

Snowman Buttons – 1 package

These snowmen buttons from are a charming accent for any garment or craft project.

Craft Stick Snowmen

Snowman Fence
Five snowmen in a row decorate a craft stick, paint stick or popsicle stick picket-style fence.

Paint Stirrer Snowman
Put an extra paint stir stick to good use – make it into a slim painted snowman that is suitable as a holiday wall decoration or Christmas gift trim.

Paint Stick Snowmen
Another version of the primitive snowman on a paint stirrer stick.

Ice Cream Stick Snowman
Save an hour-glass shaped ice cream stick and decorate it as a snowman for Christmas tree trimming.

Craft Stick Snowman
Another craft stick or popsicle stick snowman for children ages 7 and up to make as Christmas tree trims.

Winter Wanderers Craft Stick Snowman
My favorite craft stick snowmen pattern – a simple design with artistic flair.

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