Beaded Candy Cane Crafts

beaded candy cane and wreathTri Bead Candy Cane and Wreath
Easy directions to make a tri-bead candy cane tree trim or wreath. Although this project uses wire to hold the beads, reader comments point out that chenille stems or pipe cleaners make a convenient alternative, especially for younger children.

beaded candy canes for preschoolers

Beaded Candy Canes made by Preschoolers

Preschoolers Candy Cane Craft shows how two preschoolers made their beaded candy canes, using metallic chenille stems and alternating colored and transparent beads. In this case, the candy canes were finished off with a jingle bell fastened to the ends.

candy cane earrings

Beaded Candy Cane Earrings

Candy Cane Earrings

Easy beading tutorial from shows how to make a darling pair of beaded candy cane earrings.

The beads are wooden but it is noted that you could also use crystal beads, if preferred.

beaded mini candy canes

Mini Beaded Candy Canes

Beaded Candy Canes offers a pattern for these cute little candy canes, made from red and white hex beads. A paper clip is used as the center, with the beads being threaded in a repeating pattern around it.

These could also be used as earrings, threaded together as a necklace, or used to adorn a miniature Christmas tree.

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