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butterflies made with tulle

Clothespin Butterflies

Show your kids how to make beautiful clothespin butterflies with these inspirational craft projects. … ...


Chalk Board Paint Easter Egg

I've been fascinated by all the trendy creations involving chalk board paint this year. With … ...

paper plate hats

Paper Plate Hats

I really like AlphaMom's array of paper plate holiday hats for every occasion. With simple … ...

Crochet Patterns

crocheted barrettes

Crocheted Hair Barrettes

Whip up a shimmering barrette cover in a simple pattern of double crochet and shell stitch.

crocheted pansy

Crochet a Pansy

Crochet a posy of pansies in yellow, with a dark center, inspired by real pansies with the latin name Viola Tricolor.

Crochet a deliciously beautiful cupcake scarf for a friend, child or grandchild.

Cupcake Scarf

Crochet a deliciously beautiful scarf for a friend, child or grandchild. Get the Crochet Instructions Craftbits – Sweet Cupcakes Scarf

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Welcome to AllFreeCrafts.NET

AllFreeCrafts.Com is well known for thousands of original craft projects and patterns, available free for visitors to my flagship site.

Here, at AllFreeCrafts.Net, I offer some of my favorite contributions, plus free patterns and projects from the many talented and creative bloggers and artisans on the net. Enjoy!

Crafts for Children

glitter play dough

Glitter Play Dough

Keep the kids amused with old-fashioned, homemade play dough, made with ingredients that you likely … ...

hand print nativity animals

Handprint Nativity Animals

Help you children to make nativity animals from their hand prints - this would make a wonderful … ...


Muffin Pan Tote

The folks at Disney's FamilyFun have tons of practical crafts for children, and this is one of … ...


Monkey Business

Make a tiny monkey from pompom and pipe cleaners (or colored chenille stems).  He's easy to make and … ...

craft foam hand print flowers

Craft Foam Hand Print Flowers

I bookmarked these a while ago and still like them - there's something universally appealing about … ...

More Kid's Crafts