embroidered sunglasses

Embroidered Sunglasses

Embroidered Sunglasses I’ve been doing crafts for decades now, and this is something that I’d never seen before:  cross-stitch embroidered sunglasses. Even the idea of it sort of boggled my mind until I saw...

starfish seashell chime

Seashell Wind Chimes

Sounds of Nature Seashell Wind Chime Step-by-step photos and instructions to make a simple wind chime of seashells strung on waxed thread, then hung from two small branches. You will need a dremel and...

crocheted gerbera daisy

Gerbera Daisy

Free pattern to crochet a beautifully colored gerbera daisy; also tips for the gardener who wants to grow gerbera daisies.

pinecone elves

Pinecone Elves

Make an adorable pair of pinecone Christmas elves with movable arms and legs made from chenille stems.

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